What will create the best employee experience?

We’re on a (not so secret) mission to improve employee experience in the workplace. We want to better connect employers and employees, organisations and their people, for working relationships that are more fulfilling, productive and successful for everyone. We are talentsmoothie, we’ve always been curious, and this is our research portal.

tell it how it is

for the best employee experience

In 2008 we asked Gen Y. In 2019, we’re asking Gen Z, what they want from work.

If you’re aged 16 to 25, have your say, so we can tell your future employers how they can make you happy.

Every voice counts.

This portal connects us with you, the world’s workers. Here we invite you to tell us your experience of work, what’s good and what could be better, whether you are working for an organisation or for yourselves.

We love listening to future workers too – they help us understand how work preferences might change and what organisations will need to do to adapt.

Behind the scenes, we’re connected to forward-thinking organisations who share their experience and  insights with us.

They seek our advice, listen to us, and read our research reports, so we can make sure your voice is heard.

Why ‘world of work’ research matters to us

It’s simple. People are the life blood of all organisations, even in today’s automated world. Yet change is relentless.

For example, ‘the independent worker’ is on the rise – more than 50% of the workforce will be freelancing as early as 2020; people have more choice than they ever did about how they work and who they work for. Organisations must think now about how they can compete with (or capitalise on) this trend and create better employee experiences, so that they can be attractive to future talent.

Our research gains future-focused insight. Shared effectively and wisely, it can positively influence the wellbeing of workers. And, by better connecting organisations with their people, it helps ‘future proof’ business success.

That’s why we’ve been asking questions and sharing answers for more than a decade.

So, let’s create the best employee experience together!

Take our surveys, read our research reports, and help us shape the world of work.

tell it how it is

and tell your friends about us too

If your organisation would like its people to take part in our research surveys, we’d love to hear from you. The more voices we can listen to, the merrier 🙂

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