Privacy Policy Version 2.0


Thank you for visiting our website, the research portal of We want to explain to you what ‘personal data’ the website collects and what we do with it, including our use of ‘cookies’.

The website doesn’t itself collect any personal data like names, email addresses etc. as it doesn’t use a contact form or an embedded mailing list signup form. You may contact us directly by email. Although we use Google Workspace by Google which encrypts emails, we can’t guarantee that your email will be encrypted at all stages of its life.

The website collects an obfuscated (md5-hashed) version of your IP address for security purposes and an anonymised version of your IP address, for website-traffic-tracking purposes. Please see Section 1. below which explains why we do this and what it means for you.

The website may link to our research surveys at; our surveys are anonymous so that you can’t be identified by us. Please see Section 1. below which explains why we do this and what it means for you.

If you download our Research Reports as PDFs via links on this website, the links will connect you to our Leadpages-hosted forms (, where you will enter some personal data in order to receive your download. In addition, we ask for your consent to receive other talentsmoothie marketing emails when you submit the form. Please see Section 2. below for details. Please note that we previously used Formstack ( for our PDF downloads; all personal data has now been deleted from the Formstack system.

The website places Google Analytics tracking cookies, but only after you have accepted them. If you decline them via our ‘cookie notice’ then new Google Analytics cookies are not placed. Please see Section 3. below which explains what cookies the website places and your options with respect to those cookies.

If you don’t know what a cookie is, you could watch this helpful short video (from

Any data that is sent between your device and our website is encrypted for your protection — you can see the word Secure and/or a little padlock next to the url in your browser, this confirms that your browser has made a secure Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection to our website on the server.

Section 1. IP address collection by Google Analytics tracking and Limit Login Attempts Reloaded security software

The website uses Google Analytics tracking software so we can evaluate the effectiveness of the site in general terms, but we have set it to ANONYMISE the IP addresses it collects, so you can’t be personally identified. You can read more about how this anonymisation works and what it means at

The website uses Limit Login Attempts Reloaded security software which tracks IP addresses to limit the number of login attempts from any IP address. This helps to prevent brute force attack login attempts by unauthorised users. We do this to keep our website protected and secure. However, we opt to turn on GDPR compliance, so all logged IP addresses get obfuscated (md5-hashed), which means you can’t be personally identified.

Our SurveyMonkey surveys are set by us to be ANONYMOUS so that we cannot identify you. We do not see your IP address, but SurveyMonkey records IP addresses in its backend logs and deletes them after 13 months. This information is only used to ensure good operation of surveys and prevent misuse, for example, surveys being completed multiple times by the same respondent. You can read the SurveyMonkey Privacy Policy here: 

Section 2. Our Leadpages-hosted PDF download process and Leadpages-hosted forms

When you click to download Research Reports from this website, you will be re-directed so that you can enter some personal data on a Leadpages-hosted form, to obtain your download.

You give us your name, email address, job title and company name via the Leadpages contact form so that we can arrange your download as you are requesting when you submit the form. In addition, we ask for your consent, via a non-required tick in a checkbox, to receive other talentsmoothie marketing emails when you submit the form. The ‘consent’ text used is reproduced [below]:

[The ‘personal data’ you provide will be used to deliver your requested download. Your data will be stored within the Leadpages system (please read the Leadpages Privacy Policy; the maximum time that your data will be kept in the Leadpages system will be 12 months. *In addition, we may contact you by email in the future if we believe other talentsmoothie solutions may be of interest to you; please click to tick ‘I consent’ below to CONSENT to this use of your personal data for talentsmoothie marketing purposes. Thank you.

☐ I consent to the use of my personal data for talentsmoothie marketing purposes, as described above*.]

Section 3. Cookies placed by our website

We use Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of our website. Google Analytics places Third Party (placed by a Third Party rather than by our own website function) tracking cookies to monitor website traffic, and in particular whether a visitor to our website is a new user or a returning user. The cookies placed (along with their time to expiry and their purpose) are:

_ga      2 years  Used to distinguish users.

_gid     24 hours  Used to distinguish users.

_gat     1 minute  Used to throttle request rate.

For more details please read

If you prefer not to accept Google Analytics tracking cookies, please click the Decline button on our Cookie Notice, and new Google Analytics cookies will not be placed.

If you are happy for new Google Analytics cookies to be placed, please click the Accept button.

If you Decline cookies, then content embedded with ‘iframes’, like YouTube videos, on our website will be blocked, however an alternative ‘text link’ is provided so that you may view the content.

Changing your mind

If you have previously accepted the Google Analytics cookies and you want to decline them from now on so that no new cookies are set, use the Reset your consent button that will appear below; if you have previously declined the Google Analytics cookies and wish to accept them from now on, please use the Accept cookies button that will appear below.

Please note that whether you click Accept or Decline, First Party (placed by our website rather than by a Third Party website) cookies may be placed by our WeePie Cookie Notice plugin to remember your preference (Accept or Decline) for 365 days, so we don’t keep annoying you with cookie notices every time you visit. These cookies are wpca_consent and wpca_cc.

Section 4. Other websites we link to from our website

There may be links on our website to other websites, e.g., or Once you leave this website and arrive at another website (where the url does not begin with, your use of that website will be governed by that website’s Privacy Policy and processes, and not by this Privacy Policy nor by our processes.

Section 5. Updates to this Privacy Policy

We are constantly reviewing data protection laws and reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. The Privacy Policy will always have a version number in the heading, so if you contact us with questions, please quote the version number of the Privacy Policy that you are asking about.

Section 6. How to contact us if you have any questions about the use of your personal data

Please email and we will do our best to help you.